Everything You Should Know About Drug Testing

Drug testing can be done for any number of reasons with some tests involving urine, hair, and blood. Taking a look at some of the reasons these tests are taken can be key to appreciating why this process is important.

Drug test for overdose – When a doctor prescribes medicine to a patient it is expected that the patient will follow instructions. However, in certain cases, a patient may get mixed up and overdose on the medication. To avoid adverse effects on the patient, the doctor may order a drug test to ascertain the situation and come up with the best treatment option.

Illegal substance test – There are a number of drugs or substances that are banned because of the potential dangers they pose to users or those around them. Some of these substances include heroine, cocaine, and marijuana. If a law enforcement officer suspects that an individual has taken any of these drugs the officer may be forced to carry out tests to confirm the matter and build a strong case for prosecution in court.

Tests to discourage use – This basically refers to tests that are carried out in schools or companies. The tests are done regularly or after random periods of time to discourage students or employees from taking drugs. Anyone that tests positive during such tests is likely to face stiff penalties.

Tests for sporting fairness – Some drugs have the effect of boosting athletic performance. This can easily give unfair advantage to certain people when participating in competitions. Drug tests can be conducted on professional athletes to guard against unfair practice. Anyone found guilty of using such drugs is likely to be disqualified from the professional competition.

Tips for passing drug tests

If you are faced with a drug test and you want to pass there are certain things you need to keep inDrug-testing-pass-fail mind. First, it is prudent to know exactly what type of drug test is going to be done. Getting prepared for a blood test when in a real sense you are going to be taking a urine test may be a mistake.

Immediately you learn of an impending drug test it is wise to stop taking any more of the drug or substance you have been using. Remember that different substances may remain in your bloodstream for a varied period of time. Some drugs may be detected only within 24 hours while others may take as long as 7 days.

Drinking plenty of water can be a good way to get rid of drug traces in your body. As you drink water you will experience a frequent urge to urinate and this effectively gets rid of drug traces in your system. You can also drink plenty of healthy fruit juices as a substitute for water. Nonetheless, you must avoid drinking too many fluids as they may cause health complications.

Some individuals have over the past few years managed to pass drug tests using synthetic urine kits. This basically requires you to go online and find a seller. The kit contains fake urine that can be passed off as real. The risks involved in such a method are quite high because you may be caught and penalized heavily. Bestsyntheticurine.org is a particular website that is rich in information on some of the best products to use.

Another option for passing a drug test involves subscribing to certain programs. These programs may take between five to ten days. A quick look at any toxin rid will let you know if it is ideal for your own use. There are quite a number of toxin eradication programs with each one uniquely designed for the various types of drug tests.

Some tests involve physical observation and other practical activities. To pass such tests may require that you wake up early in the morning on the day of the test and brush your teeth with a strong toothpaste. Use a mouthwash to get rid of any drug residue in your mouth. Take a bath using soap and ensure you wash your hair thoroughly. Putting on clean clothes with no trace of drugs can be an added advantage.

When all is said and done the best way to pass a drug test is to avoid taking any drugs in the first place. Substituting your blood with another person’s, diluting urine with water or mixing it with any other substance may not work.

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